Chronicling Hate(why it is a hate site itself). work in progress

May 20, 2012

The Chronicling hate is…..interesting to say the least. They were criticizing ron paul of bigotry three months before he was criticized by the rest of the mainstream media, and it was through debating them that I reevaluated my views that Osama was a CIA asset

However, there are some things that strike me as being…..well dishonest and bigoted.

Case in point: I stated my belief that Batak was not a genocide on the ground that it was disorganized and not planned, whereas the Armenian Genocide was preplanned. While my wording afterwards was admittedly sloppy, he drew the conclusion that I was denying Armenia was a genocide. In fact I specifically stated that Armenia was preplanned to show why Batak wasn’t. In fact, given that

Hard on for anti turk hatred: Yes the Batak and Armenian genocides were horrible

Reluctance to attack zionism: He equates any attack on zionism with an attack on Jews. This is fallacious for three reasons.

a.) Zionism specifically calls for Jews to be the majority, or at the very least heavily implies it. Why do you think that the right to return

c.) He also attacked Loonwatch for citing Hayo Mayer when they criticized weisel. Weisel, in addition to ignoring Sabra and Shatilla,

Hypocrisy and a refusal to admit when wrong. I pointed out that he denied Gladstone was prejudiced (when in fact he was.) He accused me of being a genocide

Hello world!

October 2, 2009

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